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Multi-family & Daycare

Integrated Mixed-use development that brings the desirable effects of regenerating and rejuvenating the Southeast Fresno community.





BDM Builders is proud to announce a new integrated mixed-use development in Southeast Fresno with vibrant designs and unique amenities. 

We believe mixed-use projects are essential to communities,
especially when located in infill areas where there are barriers to
development. These projects improve quality of life while promoting economic prosperity and healthy neighborhoods.

There are numerous benefits associated with mixed-use developments, from quality affordable housing to socioeconomic perspectives. Mixed-use developments like this will support local economies in underdeveloped areas. Developments that host many uses, such as residential, business, and education, can help improve local walkability and provide economic growth to an area. As a result, taxes gained from these properties can be re-applied by local governments to support further development, growth, and infrastructure projects.





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amenities & benefits

Live/Work/Play Dynamics

In this day and age, time is money. The more time you spend commuting in your car and traveling to run errands (like grocery shopping) the less time you have to enjoy your hard-earned money. Mixed-use development helps ease this dynamic by creating an environment where employees can live, work, and play all in close proximity.


Transit oriented development

Bus services are frequently planned around nodes that often include mixed-use developments. Being transit-oriented can also help attract millenials to your organization, as these folks are increasingly environmentally and socially conscious.

Integrated Mixed-use development is a great vehicle for revitalizing struggling areas and spurring economic development. Listed below are some of the many benefits of mixed use development:

  • 24 Hour Surveillance

  • Spurs revitalization

  • Encourages high quality design by providing both greater flexibility and more control

  • Promotes a village-style mix of retail, restaurants, offices, daycare, and multi-family housing

  • Promotes pedestrian & bicycle travel

  • Reduces auto dependency, roadway congestion, and air pollution by co-locating multiple destinations

  • Promotes a sense of community

  • Guides development toward established areas, protecting outlying rural areas and environmentally sensitive resources

  • Embodies “Smart Growth”

  • Increases revenues for the City



CUP/Development Permit & Parcel Map was Approved on March 4th, 2021


Project  Description

This Project an integrated mixed-use development of a 12.18-acre site.

The mixed-use development will include a gasoline/service station with a convenience market (16 fueling positions), a 2,866 square-foot fast-food restaurant with a drive-through window, a 5,225 high-turnover (sit-down) restaurant, 32,900 square feet of the shopping center, a 1,600 square-foot coffee/donut shop with a drive-through window, an 11,700 square-foot medical-dental office building, a 6,000 square-foot walk-in bank, a 9,400 square-foot small office building, 151 units of multifamily housing (4-story), and a 4,000 square-foot daycare.

The project site had consisted of a plan amendment, rezone, development permit (site plan), conditional use permit, and parcel map.



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